Helpful Oppo R7 Review to Notice
The Oppo r7 lite user manual and review becomes the solution for any of you who are still reluctant to choose buying this gadget or another else. Of course, nowadays there are so many kinds of choices for the products of smartphone with various designs, features, technology, and many others. We often get so dizzy finding one of them which can be so confusing. As long as we really know about our need well, we will know what kind of smart phone which is suitable for us. It is a good idea for knowing about the smart phone which becomes our candidate. If you are interested in Oppo R7 lite, that is a good idea to know about this well first and gets the idea whether it will be suitable to your need the best or not. That will be a good idea for you dealing with the best choice of the smart phone, which can be suitable for you the most.
Oppo R7
Oppo R7 Lite Notable Features
The Oppo r7 lite user manual and review note a lot of technology and features used in this smartphone. There are some notable features and technologies which we can simply obtain. One of them is about the display which is in the great size about five inches with such the high resolution, which is about 720x1280pixels. That becomes a good idea for any of you who need the great size display which gives comfort for reading text, browsing, or even enjoying videos or photos since it ffers the great size with a good quality display. Another notable feature is about the dual SIM card feature. That offers the great benefit for you who always use two SIM cards without bringing two phones. For the connection, it supports the 4G network with such the fast mobile data which gives you comfort when browsing or doing anything online through your phone.

Slim Phone Design 
The design of Oppo R7 Lite is completely that great since even though it has the great size display, which is 5 inches, it does not mean that is such the giant phone since it has the small dimension with the totally slim body. The dimension is only about 5.6x2.8x0.25”, while the thickness is only about 0.3 inch. That is such the slim phone with the great size screen display which gives the comfort. Overall, the design is totally that adorable and really fascinating. However, you have to notice that the battery of this smart phone is designed to be unable to be replaced by the users. That will be such what you need to consider when you are reading the Oppo r7 lite user manual and review.

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