Google Pixel C
Knowing Much about Google Pixel C User Manual and Review.

The Google Pixel C user manual and review will be something you might need to obtain if you are really interested in finding the new tablet which can give you so much simplicity at the same time. Perhaps, you are interested in waiting for Google Pixel C which can be totally that attractive as attractive as the iPad Pro from Apple. Sure, when you are looking for a new gadget as like a tablet PC, you will look for the right one which offers the great technology and also the better features which will help you enjoying a bunch of simplicity based on your need. Even though we just could not know completely much about the Google Pixel C details of the specs and technology but actually we can simply note about its notable feature which is about the design that might be a bit different if we compare it to other products of tablet PC. If you have no idea yet about this tablet PC, the information below might give you the helpful overview. 

The Attractive Design
When we are talking about Google Pixel C user manual and review, we will talk about its great design then, since it becomes the notable one for this product. We have said that it is a table PC but it is designed well since we can attached it with keyboard so that it looks a like a laptop. The keyboard can easily be attached to the tablet PC using the magnetic feature. Then, the keyboard can also be stuck on to the back of the tablet. However, you need to remember that it will make the tablet to be much heavier and of course thicker. The users will easily detach the keyboard and remove it easily so that it might give the versatile design for the users. 

The Price and Design Function
The design becomes the notable one for this tablet PV product from Google. That is because the entire specs are not really that special. The screen is still in a small size as like the common tablet PC which is about 10.2” with 2560x1800picels. It also provides the Nvidia Tegra X-1 quad core processor with 3-gb RAM. This spec is that great for a tablet PC but it might not be that good enough as a laptop. The computing feature is not as perfect as laptop so, even though it looks like a tablet and laptop at the same time with its keyboard but the spec is totally a tablet PC including using the Marshmallow Android OS. So, it will be great for the users who want the simple tablet PC with its simplicity on typing. For the price, this tablet PC with storage about 32GB will be about $499 and for the 64GB one will be $599. The keyboard is excluded that you can buy with $149 as what is shown in Google Pixel C user manual and review.