Google Nexus 6P
Google Nexus 6P User for Great Design and Phone Security
The Google Nexus 6P user manual and review can be completely that helpful for any of you who are hunting the wide ranges of smart phone to be your next smart phone. Sure, there will be so many choices and options that will make you feel that really confused. Everything will give you so much benefit and it will be really that great for you to know about the overview of the Google Nexus 6P first before you have chosen it as your next smart phone. Sure, we have already known about Nexus 6 which is built by the great phone manufacturer, which is Motorola. However, for Nexus 6P it is by Huawei. Sure, it is one of the differences which we can find from the product of Nexus 6P. We also can find more information about the specs and anything which is interesting from this device below which can be an overview for you to be considered. There are some points of improvements which we can obtain from this smart phone and still there are some points to lose some which we also need to notice.

Design of Google Nexus 6P
When we are talking about a smart phone, of course we also could not forget talking about the design. It is including when we are talking about Google Nexus 6P user manual and review. This smart phone offers the metal body which is said to be its first all-metal body phone from Nexus. It is made from aluminium with aeronautical grade, which is CNC machined. So, even though it is listed as one of the big phone with 5.7” screen, it will feel so light. That also looks so stylish yet elegant. Then, one of the notable point of its design is about the finger print scanner which enables the user to easily get the screen comes automatically when it recognizes the finger print as simply as while you touch the phone. It will be great for you who want to get it simpler and faster with proper security.

Features of Google Nexus 6P
The Google Nexus 6P is running with the octa-core processor of snapdragon 810 v.2.1 and RAM 3GB. That is such the great power for this smart phone which sounds it will be great for the graphic and faster phone performance. For the camera, it uses about 12.3 megapixel camera with Sony sensor. It is not that really optimal because of its result and quality. This smart phone would not be suitable for you who are looking for the high quality phone camera as we have mentioned it here on the Google Nexus 6P user manual and review.

Google Nexus 6P user manual to use camera (english)