Google Nexus 5x
Stylish yet Powerful Google Nexus 5X
The Google Nexus 5X user manual and review is what we are looking for now in order to get the overview about this smart phone completely. That would not be that complicated if we already get an overview regarding to the product in order to determine whether it will be suitable to our need or not. Perhaps, we have to care not only about the performance, specs, and so on but also about its design since we often care about the comfort when we handle it as well or even about the look. That might also be essential when we are talking about Google nexus 5x which is completely that great to know and to choose. With its great design, security, and even its power, we might be able getting a lot of benefits on using this smart phone to meet our need easily and simply. Then, you can notice as well about the improvements regarding to the camera that might be a good point for you who love capturing photo or video through your mobile phone camera. The information below about Google Nexus 5x might be useful for you.

The Great Design and Better Camera
If you always notice about a mobile phone design, perhaps you will also do the same on noticing the design of Google Nexus 5x. That might be on your mind while discussing about Google Nexus 5X user manual and review. If it is compared to Nexus 6P, Nexus 5x has the fun look of its lightweight body design. It is much more colourful and fresh which are great for users who have the fun characters since it is available in some colour options. For the camera, it offers a 13.2mp camera which is said to be much great for the condition which is low light. Then, even though it can capture more light, it can still produce photos and videos with great sharpness and details. Users can also store them to Google Photos for the better organization which will be easier to find. This is great if you love capturing a bunch of videos and photos with your phone camera.

Better Security and Power
Nexus 5X also offers the better power and security. It is powered by the hexa core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 which makes this smart phone to be that great for dealing with the various tasks and duties to do. For the better security feature, as like Nexus 6P, it is also attached with Nexus Imprint which will detect and recognize your finger print automatically when you are touching your phone. This also runs with Marshmallow android OS. That will be what you need to notice about Google Nexus 5X user manual and review.

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