Apple iPad Pro User Manual and Review to Guide You
Apple iPad Pro user manual and review and also its guides for users are available online. They give complete information there. This phone is coming with $799 for its price, which is great for certain class only, regarding to its price. There are some features which are great to see. This iPad Pro bring us to a thin, light, and epic world. Those are three words brought by this iPad that will be launched this November.
Apple Ipad Pro
This new series of iPad comes in three colors, silver, gold, and space gray. This comes with three spaces for internal storage. For the Wi-Fi models, they have two choices, the one with 32 GB of internal storage that comes with price $799, and 128 GB which is $949. For Wi-Fi and cellular models with 128 GB storage, it comes with price $1079.

It has retina display that the width is 12.9 inch, diagonally, with Multi-Touch display and LED backlit widescreen. The resolution is 2732 by 2048 resolution, 264 ppi, so that you can see every picture in clear and sharp color. It also has antireflective and fingerprint resistant coating.  The iSight camera, just like other phones, is 8MP that is quite good for capturing moments in lowlight area. If you use panorama mode, it has 43 MP. For those who want to record video, this comes with a recorded video with 1080p HD video quality. Time-lapse video is also available, with stabilizer feature. The face time camera comes with 1.2 MP qualities, the HDR mode, burst mode, and other feature you can see on other phones are available here. That is one information we can get through Apple iPad Pro user manual and review.

Like what we see above, we can find that there is no something new with this new series of iPad. It looks like iPad mini and iPad Air, but comes with a wider size. The thickness and its weight are similar with what other iPads bring to its customer. It may be too big, but the quality of screen is really great. It is sharper than what you can have from other iPads. The operating system brings iOs 9 that brings some ideas from Microsoft. Splitting screen is one feature you can do here. iPad Pro has its own keyboard, by paying for $170; you can get a new keyboard for this. The pencil comes with $99, which is claimed to be more responsive than the previous series.

User manual for iPad pro not available today, but we khow there are similarities between multiple user manual because it has the same ios, to comfort you for a while you can learn this :
  • Apple user manual for iOs 9 (pdf).
  • Apple iOs security guide (pdf).
  • Or you can learn manual better in here.
Hopefully useful to user apple product.