Samsung Pay Hangout Review (video).

Never Want to Move Away from Samsung?

For you who can never move away from Samsung, you need to read the Samsung Pay review and user manual. Although it sounds like Apple Pay, this model is not the same. Samsung Pay was first launched in mobile world congress 2015. But almost like Apple Pay, this device allows us to do mobile payment through NFC or Near Field Communication. Different from Apple Pay, Samsung Pay uses MST or the Magnetic Secure Transmission. So you are not only able to pay cash with this device, but also for cashless negotiation. If you are involving in a business, this device is a great choice because it enables you to contact with thirty million of retailers around the world.

If you also expect good security from a device, Samsung Pay gives you one. If you lose it, you can use Find My Mobile function to delete all date in your Samsung Pay. So anyone who find it or steal it will not be able to find out any important data or the confidential ones. When you read more than one Samsung Pay user manual and review, you must also find out that it has amazing compatibility. Samsung Pay will be marketed first in US and then South Korea. UK is the third destination and more. It is planned that Samsung Pay will come to US on 29th September 2015 after to South Korean on 20th August 2015. And soon it will come to China and Spain.

When you travel a lot and you make negotiation as well as transaction a lot, after reading the Samsung Pay user manual and review, you will be sure to have one. This is mainly because Samsung Pay enables you doing payments with any terminal of card around the world. So it really has smarter in-built technology for you to work in this modern era. With NFC you can so simple transaction. On the home button, hold your finger there. It activates the Samsung Pay. And then, after choosing your card, it will show up on the screen. With some more easy taps, your transaction will be done well. So, when you are in remote area, you do not have to wait until you get to the down town and head to ATM. You can do any payment right now without any difficulty. Do not worry if you phone cannot find the contactless signals of NFC, because it will use the version of magnetic strip.

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