Lenovo p70
Lenovo P70, Affordable Smartphone with Great Battery
Here we will give you Lenovo thinkpad P70 user manual and review. First thing first, Lenovo always gives new innovation and boosters in every product of them. And in this new smartphone, Lenovo already prepared about kind of “monster” in this product since the battery is big enough which is 4000 mAh. This product is almost as same as its senior, Lenovo P780 which has the big battery and it was sold in pretty cheap prices. Due to the big size and capacity of the battery, you do not need to worry because this smartphone has good durability in standby mode. Below we already summarized the review about Lenovo p70. Check this out.

It is less than 300 US dollars
Well, this product was already released in China with very affordable price which is less than 300 US dollars. Even though it is not expensive gadget but it has so many advantages besides the great battery life. If you still hesitate about the specs of this product, then we will give the latest Lenovo thinkpad P70 user manual and review. This smartphone has great processor which is the newest generation of Octa Core with 64 Bit feature. And even though the injected battery is big enough, this smartphone still looks slim and very lightweight, different with the previous generation, P780. Due to the big battery and great capacity, you can use this smartphone for 18 hours non-stop in talking. And if you do not use the smartphone, it can be up until 732 hours.

Plus value of the good quality in camera
Camera is always being the one of the concern after the RAM capacity when people want to buy a smartphone. The RAM capacity of this phone already gives 2 GB so you will not be bothered with the lack even if you are running many programs in one time. The main camera offers 13 MP while the second camera will give you 5 MP. It will make the user more easily to capture the moment even though you want to take your self-portrait.

In general speaking, Lenovo P70 will give you many benefits such as we already mentioned above plus the ability to be a power bank. But unfortunately this phone is not equipped with NFC yet and the screen still stands on HD 720p. But whatever it is, we will give good rat for Lenovo thinkpad P70 user manual and review.

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