ZTE MAX+  Review (video)

ZTE MAX+: A Large Smartphone with a Small Price
The ZTE MAX+ has just been released this week in the United States. This smart phone is manufactured by ZTE, a Chinese based company that has been manufactured many variant of smart phones. Basically, the ZTE MAX+ is a new device that is intended to replace the ZTE MAX. This older device has been available in the market since 2014. Because this device is accepted widely by customers, the manufacturer feels the need to produce a better variant of it. As a result, they create ZTE MAX+. This phone is definitely interesting and the followingZTE MAX+ user manual and review will show you the reasons why the phone is interesting.

ZTE Grand X Max+
As a matter of fact, similar to its predecessor, the ZTE MAX+ is an extremely large smart phone. Some people even call it phablet, a device that is bigger than a smart phone but smaller than a tablet.  However, whatever you call it, the ZTE MAX+ enables you to do your activities on your phone more easily and more comfortably. As when you want to read news from your favorite news portal, you can do it easily as all the words are highly readable. With a 5.7 inch display, you can see everything sharply.

Powered with quad core processor at 1.2 GHz and Android 5.1 Lollipop, the ZTE MAX+ is able to perform well. Whether you want to watch videos, listen to music or play game, you can easily do it because the processor is powerful enough to support various kinds of activities. Then, because the smart phone has 2GB of RAM, you can do multiple tasks more easily. This feature allows you to finish your tasks faster. While you are reading an email, you can listen to music. You can also play favorite games more conveniently because the phone will not lag. With its 16GB internal memory, you can store pictures, games and music confidently.

Equipped with 8MP on the back, you have chances to take the best pictures using ZTE MAX+. However, if the environment is dark, you seemingly will not be able to take good pictures because the phone is not supported with LED flash. In order to get bright pictures, you must take pictures in bright environment. What is somehow disappointing with the phone is its secondary camera. It is a 1 MP camera without any supporting features. As a result, the ZTE MAX+ cannot help you to take your best selfies.

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