Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review (video).

The Korean Manufacture finally released their latest product, the Samsung Galaxy Tab s2. Just from the look of it, it is very obvious that Samsung want to go deep into the tablet market share that so far was lead by Apple.
Samsung Galaxy Tab s2
The Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 is available in two sizes, the smaller 8 inch tab that is a little bit bigger than iPad mini 3 and the larger size is a 9.7 inch that has the same size as iPad Air 2. The size and the look of this tablet are pretty similar with Apple, but no one could ever tell if both are really in the same league or not if they don’t try it first.

Samsung has done lots of change to this product compare to the one they launched last year. One of the biggest changes they had made is in the widescreen ratio. The last year product uses 16 x 10 aspect ratio while this one has only 4 x 3 aspect ratio, just like an iPad. The reason for this change is because Samsung want to make the user able to enjoy the viewing experience of browsing, similar to what they read on traditional print media. It means that the user will find it easier to browse and read eBook with this tab. Other changes that can be found is in the resolution of the screen, where it used to use QuadHD and now it only used 2,048 x 1,536 resolution

There are other things that Samsung brings up to their latest product, for example it use Super AMOLED screen with special reading mode that will help the reader to read longer. Both models are also has slimmed down, around 10% lighter than the previous model. These changes makes this product seems like was made for people who love to use their tab read eBook instead of watching movie or playing video game.

This tablet OS use Android 5.0, which is not the latest version of Android, but no need to worry about that, because it will get upgrade soon. With a more stream lined features from the latest new TouchWiz interface, which is an advanced version from the one that was used in Galaxy S6, this will be more suitable for people likeness. It seems like that Samsung is ready to compete with their rival especially the iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2, and people will be the judges to decide which one is going to be the winner.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 user manual will available in here.