Samsung Galaxy A8  Review

The new Samsung Galaxy A8 has finally launched, where South Korea as the home country of Samsung will welcome the product starting from July 24, 2015. Since that time, this phone has started to show up in other countries as well and people can expect it to hit their country soon.

Samsung Galaxy A8
At the first glance, the one thing that people will see is a total metal frame and body of the phone. This is another attempt of Samsung to try out metal phone and it seems like that the result is not disappointing at all. Once people touch and hold this phone in their hand, they will notice another difference and that is in the weight and the thickness of the phone. This phone is only 5.9 mm and 151 grams, which makes it, feel so little and people should hold it firmly to make sure they won’t lose it. This is one of the thinnest phone in the market this day and that is a feature that Samsung quite proud of.

The power of Samsung Galaxy A8 comes from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa core processor that clocked at 1.8 GHz. There are other phones that carry the same processor and it was proven already that this processor is tough enough to handle basic and heavy job, so there is no need to worry about the performance.

Other specification of this phone is the 2 GB RAM and 32 GB onboard storage. This is more than enough to keep all the program run smoothly and just in case people need to have extra storage, this phone carry one SIM card slot that will add more space up to 128 GB

For people who love to take picture, than this phone carry the perfect camera for them. It has 16 MP rear cameras with LED flash and 5 MP front camera with wide angle feature. Those are pretty big, especially the rear camera, which will take and make great picture. To complete it, Samsung also brings special software for both cameras such as HDR, Beauty Face, Panorama and also Gesture Control.

Samsung Galaxy A8 is considered as a mid range phone. As a mid range phone, this phone has everything that surely will stand out against its competitor. Not to mention that it has metal body and frame, which makes it sturdier and give it high class look, but still with more affordable price.

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