LG bello II review (video).

LG Bello II: An Entry Level Phone with a Great Selfie Camera
The competition among mobile phone manufacturers is getting hotter lately. All manufacturers want to stand out of the crowd by producing smart phones that meet market demands perfectly. As what LG does to meet the demand of entry level phone, the company produces LG Bello II. This information is revealed in July 2015 while the release of the phone is in the same month. Because the LG Bello II is intended as an entry level phone, users should not expect too much otherwise they will be disappointed. However, if it is compared to other phones in its level, it is still worth to buy. Why? The following LG bello II user manual and review will give you the answer.
LG L Bello II
Actually, the best feature of the LG Bello II is its impressive secondary camera. Among other entry level phones, this phone offers users opportunities to create perfect selfies more easily through its 5MP front facing shooter. It is true that most people now love to take selfies. If they have a phone that can accommodate their needs, they will surely be happy. Then, the 8MP primary camera also enables users to take the best pictures because it is equipped with auto focus and LED flash. Whether you want to take pictures in a dark or bright environment, you can do it easily. Moreover, the design of LG Bello II might not be special but it is nice. Since the phone comes in three different colors, white, titan and gold, you can find your favorite color more easily.

As an entry level smart phone, the LG Bello II seems to have ordinary specifications. Equipped with quad core Cortex A7 processor running 1.3 GHz and Android Lollipop, this phone can perform well when being used to carry out applications. However, because the RAM is only 1GB, you might not be able to run many applications at once. If you wish to carry out multi tasks, you seemingly will not be able to do it easily with this phone. Then, with 5.0 inch LCD capacitive touch screen, the LG Bello II allows you to have comfortable view. As when you want to play game, you can easily see the details. Unfortunately, this phone works only in GSM and HSPA network so that you cannot take advantages of the 4G LTE network using this phone. This may sounds disappointing for some people but since this is an entry level phone, this becomes a perfect excuse.

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