LG G4 Beat review (video).

LG G4 Beat: Stylish Design and Impressive Features.

LG has just officially announced the newest variant of its flagship smart phone, LG G4. This series of smart phone has been widely known as one of the best LG smart phone. Basically, the LG G4 Beat that is announced to be released in the third quarter of 2015 is a smart phone that offers great value, awesome performance and outstanding usability. The phone has the finest design and advanced features in which these make the phone more than worth to wait. Before being sold globally, the LG G4 Beat is going to be available in Europe as well as inLatin America. Thus, if you want to grab one, you had better read this LG G4 Beat user manual and review first.

LG G4 Beat
The LG G4 Beat is a perfect combination of optimal power, performance and battery life. The display of LG G4 Beat is much better than other variants of LG G4. This is possible because the phone uses 5.2 inch full High Definition IPS screen. The use of this display allows users to see anything more clearly. The performance of the phone is excellent because it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, Android Lollipop and eight core 1.5GHz CPU. This processer allows users to use their applications fast. Then, because the phone has been integrated with 4G LTE network, it can work extremely fast. Whether you want to surf the web or stream a music concert, you can get the best result. This is actually great because the LG G4 Beat does not only look stylish but also function extremely well. If you do care with style and function, you definitely need to take a look at this phone.

However, the above facts are not the only reasons why LG G4 Beat looks impressive because its camera features are also impressive as well. If you want to have a smart phone that has both impressive primary and secondary cameras, this phone is the right choice. Supported by Color Spectrum Sensor and Laser Auto Focus exclusive by LG, the LG G4 Beat 8MP primary camera enables you to take the best pictures of every object without too much effort. Its 5MP secondary camera is enhanced with Gesture Interval Shot. This feature enables users to take 4 consecutives pictures. As a result, users have a better odd to create a perfect picture. Therefore, if you are always fond of smart phone that has amazing hardware, design and camera, you had better wait for the LG G4 Beat.

LG G4 Beat User Manual (download)