Huawei G8 Review  (video).

Huawei G8 User Manual and Review of the Variants.
Newly unveiled Huawei G8 catches people attention with its big screen, RAM, and capacity on low price tag. As usual, Chinese manufacturer allows more people to enjoy high spec headset. In order to meet different people needs, Huawei offers several variants of G8, including special variant for Chinese market. Here is the Huawei G8 user manual and review.
Huawei G8
Equipped with 64-bit Snapdragon 615 chipset and 8-core processor, the new headset is likely run fast enough to do many things in the palm of the hand. Good quality graphic is something to expect thanks to Adreno 405 GPU. Since high definition is something essential for smartphone, the big screen of 5.5 inches displays beautiful images with FHD resolution 1080 x 1920 of pixel density 401ppi.

These days, cameras become important part in smartphone. G8 does not want to lose in this part. The back of the phone is equipped by 13MP camera to take a picture and record video in good quality. To allow user make video call and for sure, take a selfie, in front camera of 5MP is equipped in this headset.

G8 is ready out of the box with pre-installed Android 5.1. Running on the top is Huawei Emotion UI. The phone is using GSM technology with dual SIM card and support 4G-connectivity for fast mobile experience. In order to give user long time to keep the light on, 3000mAh battery is packed. To increase security, the manufacturer add fingerprint scanner on the phone. Although it may not something new, but not much phones have it.

For diverse consumers, Huawei offers two combos of RAM/ROM pair. The first variant is G8 with 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. For consumers who need higher spec, second variant comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. In case user needs more storage, slot for external memory card is available to add the storage up to 64GB. With metal case, this phone is available in three color options, white, black, and gold.

For Chinese market, Huawei offers special variant called Huawei Maimang 4. With similar spec with G8, this Chinese version makes different with 616 Snapdragon on board, a variation of 615-version with changes in the radio. This different feature allows the phone to support more network carriers that seems so important in Chinese market. Not only support 4 LTE, the phone is also supporting WCDMA. The possible reason why this version is only available in China is that WCDMA is not so popular internationally.

Huawei G8 user manual will available in here.