APPLE iOS 9 Review and User Manual

In the middle of strict competition with more and more new names in the technology market, there is no doubt that Apple remains strong with its flagship product. The innovation which is released by this company surely is awaited by public every year. People are not only waiting for the physical product of the product because people are also waiting for the latest software as well as operating system for the Apple device. People of course cannot wait any longer for the release data of Apple iOS 9 which will become the latest operating system from Apple.

Apple iOs 9
Public cannot wait longer for the latest operating system from Apple because they want to enjoy the great features which can be found from the operating system. The next iOS will be more inclusive compared to the previous version because the company decides to make it compatible with the older version of Apple device including iPhone, iPad, and also iPod. It is not the only great thing which people can find from the latest iOS of course because people are also able to get the smarter Siri which can be the rival of Google Now. The personal assistant from Apple is able to understand the word ‘it’ which can be found within the context. It is also able to bring pro-activity to the iOS. The company promises that Siri becomes much faster as well as more accurate.

The next great thing which people can find from the latest operating system from Apple is Apple Pay which is expanded. Apple Pay in fact experienced great success in some countries and with iOS 9; people from more countries can enjoy the great support from Apple Pay. People will also find better Apple Maps on iOS 9 and it becomes the first major refresh of this feature since 2013. Nowadays, the app is completed with public transit directions which are awaited for very long time by many people. People will also be able to find the Apple News apps on the latest operating system from Apple. The content from the news publisher will be wrapped in the fresh formal which is clearer with anonymous data which is apart from the Apple ID. The latest operating system from Apple also offers multitasking ability for iPad tablet. People must not forget about the new keyboard for iOS 9 which can be called as the best keyboard. There are still other features which can be found from the latest Apple operating system.
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