Mi TV user manual and review (Un boxing)

Mi TV Sneak Peek

Xiaomi becomes huge phenomenon because of the fantastic selling of its smart phone product. Its smart phone product comes with high specification for lower price. There is no question that there are many people who are looking for the greatness of this smart phone. With great hits from the very first release of smart phone, the world has awareness about this brand so people are waiting for the new release from this brand. The next release for its smart phone product and also its tablet is awaited by many people. However, this vendor does not stop in the smart phone and tablet production only. 
Xiaomi Mi TV
People are also able to find the next innovation offered by this brand in the smart television. It is sure that Mi TV becomes the Android platform smart TV which can be great alternative for enjoying entertainment in this smart era. With the statement about the investment in online video content made by Xiaomi, there is no question that people should take a closer look to Mi TV user manual and review.

When people are thinking about Android V, they will imagine about the Android TV offered by Google with Sony and Sharp manufacturers for instance. Nevertheless, people can find difference from Mi TV because it has the user interface which is custom built. The user interface can be used for accessing the content for TV, game, movie, as well as app store. People are also able to access the cloud or local content which is generated for user from the user interface. With this smart TV, people are able to enjoy the Netflix style content with subscription. The most important thing is that the content which is available on Mi TV is licensed content. Enjoying TV or movie content is not the only great thing which can be done with this smart TV because people are also able to enjoy the Android games which can be played using external game pad.

Users of Mi TV are also able to enjoy access to Mi Cloud service from Xiaomi. This cloud service offers the backup as well as synching of personal media across the device. It means that people will be able to view their videos and photos which are taken using their smart phone on their smart TV. There is no question that Xiaomi offers the smart TV which can be great alternative for increasing the experience for enjoying TV entertainment at home.

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