Sony Xperia Z4v User Manual and Review: Specs and Feature

Sony Xperia Z4v user manual and review can help you to choose and know the specifications and also the performance of this series of Sony Xperia. In short, this series is o update the latest series we have, the Z3v sports. Based on its official information, Sony Xperia Z4v will be launched in this summer. This will be great choice for those who look for a sharper display than the latest version, and also for those who look for an updated design which is waterproof.
Sony Xperia Z4v

One great feature of this Android smartphone is that it is covered with premium aluminum glass design, which is elegant yet tough to choose. Besides, it is also LTE support which is great for those who look far the fastest speed of download. It uses 3000 mAh Li-on for its battery that can be used 29 hours maximum in tall-mode and 590 hours maximum for standby mode. The battery is non-removable.

For the sharper display it has LCD screen which resolution is 1440 x 2560 pixels, the colors are 16.7 million or 24-bit, that will be great to see images or videos in sharper quality of picture. The operating system that Sony uses for this series is Android version 5.0; it also uses 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, octa-core, and 64-bit for its processor. For faster system, it has 3 GB for the RAM, and also 32 GB of internal storage for raw hardware and 21 GB of internal storage for users. These are what we will find on Sony Xperia Z4v user manual and review.

Feature and Review

Sony completes the performance by using 20 megapixel camera with 4K video capture. This will be great for users who love to capture moments and images and need quite big storage to save it all, up to 128 GB by using external memory card. It is also water resistant with IPX8 scuba for the rating, fast charging, and also wireless charging feature.

You might be mistaken with Sony Xperia Z4 while talking about Z4v series. There are some differences that you need to know about these two series. These two have the same feature actually, but not in weight and also battery capacity. What Z4 series has is only 2930 mAh. You will find a lot of Sony Xperia Z4 in Japan and international market, but Z4v series might be only available in US first. The screen resolution of Z4v series is greater than the Z4 series, and also the wireless charging support which makes it worth to have than the Z4 or Z3+ series.

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