Nikon D5  review (video)

Nikon D5 Rumor

Nowadays, photography becomes very interesting field for many people. Some people who have professional career in photography world of course do not want to miss the latest information about the latest camera product from the trusted vendor in the world such as Nikon. Nikon is well known for its camera product and people cannot wait for the latest release for its product. There is a rumor about Nikon D5 which will be released this year. People are already curious about the Nikon D5 user manual and review but since it is not officially released yet, people have to be patient until they can know the details about the specification of this camera. Nevertheless, there are some rumors about the specification of Nikon D5 which can be found until these days. It can build expectation for people to imagine about the greatness of Nikon D5 which will be released soon.

After the release of Nikon D4S last year, there is no doubt that people cannot wait any longer for the D5 series from Nikon which should b released this year. People heard about the rumor associated with the specification of Nikon D5 for a while and there are some great things which can be found from the rumor after all. The very first great feature which is rumored in Nikon D5 is the new sensor applied in Nikon D5 camera. It comes with 20MP FX sensor which is new and promising to give much better experience for capturing the image. It is upgraded for 25% from the previous model which comes with 16MP sensor. It is not the only great thing which can be found because people will be able to find the jaw dropping feature rumor about Nikon D5 which comes with 173 autofocus points. This should be very interesting feature for the flagship camera from Nikon DSLR although Nikon D4S already comes with amazing auto focus system but it is only 51 auto focus points. There is no expectation about the change of the body design as well as the processor of the camera.
It must be very interesting for finding out soon whether this rumor is suitable with the specification fact of Nikon D5 once it is released to public. Of course there is also rumor about the release schedule of this camera which should be in the second half of this year but it can mean that this camera will not be released until the early 2016.

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