Canon PowerShot G3 X review (video)

PowerShot G3 X User Manual and Review for the Great Technology and Feature
For the photography lovers, or for people who love photo and enjoy taking photos, knowing about Canon PowerShot G3 X user manual and review is really interesting. That is such a good idea to know about that since as we have known and many people has understood that Canon always has the great quality camera and now Canon PowerShot G3 X which has been anticipated becomes the good thing to know more since Canon has announced the official information about this camera. Before the official announcements from Canon, there are so many rumours come and go regarding to this upcoming camera from Canon. This camera has the price of about 1000 US dollar and becomes really interesting since it has the notable feature of the optical zooming capability until 25x which means it is about 24-600 mm. This compact camera sounds that pricey but Canon is just really serious about the great quality. So, the price is just that reasonable for such the great feature and technology. Besides of that it uses f2.8 – 5.6 lenses.

Canon PowerShot G3 X
This camera has a one-inch sensor with the resolution of CMOS camera in 20.2 megapixels.  Besides those feature, Canon also includes another feature to their G3 X, as like the ISO which can be until 12..800 and this camera has been facilitated with the connectivity of NFC and also Wi-Fi that provides the great simplicity to any of the users. The video recording capability has the great Full HD resolution on the 24fps-60fps. That means, the users will obtain the great quality video from this compact camera. If you like enjoying the manual mode for capturing the photo, this camera also has a great feature which enables you to run the manual control of the lens aperture, shutter speed, and also ISO in the form of movie mode.

This camera offers the simplicity of a compact camera but in the more professiona result and features. That is why this camera has provided by the rich technology and features. It is including the feature of 5-axis image stabilizations which can be really helpful when the users want to record video with this camera. From theCanon PowerShot G3 X user manual and review, we can conclude that this camera is such the great choice for people who are looking for the great specs compact camera with the great feature on connectivity, especially which offers Wi-Fi connectivity. That is because it will give you simplicity on photography.

Canon PowerShot G3 X user manual (download)