Sony Xperia C4 review (video).

Sony Xperia C4 User Manual & Recommended Features

Sony Xperia C4 can be your best recommendation if you looking for a new phone with powerful performance. We know there are so many brands and smartphones outthere, with great technology and innovation that may can be your best consideration. But how to choose the best one? That’s why Sony Xperia C4 appears as your best choice, with amazing technology and very great innovation.

Sony Xperia C4
Sony itself known for so many years as one of the biggest brands worldwide, where Sony products become a big guarantee to complete our lives. Maybe one of us also use Sony brand for television or camera. With Sony Xperia C4, you will maximize your choice and life at its best. We promise!

Sony Xperia C4 Special Features
But let’s know a little bit about Sony Xperia C4 special features and specifications.
From the design look, Sony Xperia C4 looks edgy, modern and chic for your new smartphone. It’s suitable for all profiles and personalities, but we can say that it’s more suitable for young people who love games, entertainment and powerful technology. Sony Xperia C4 available in color options such as  Classic Black, Classic White, Deep Red and Navy Blue. All color options are so great and wonderful, very casual and efficient to complete your everyday’s life.

Now, let’s talk about the features. The camera is 3.15 MP with 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution where the microSD memory is up to 32 GB. Don’t worry about wi-fi because Sony Xperia C4 has great access to improve your wi-fi connection so you will get all day long to browse and get involved on internet as free as you want.

Last but not the least, Sony Xperia C4 can be the best consideration for music lovers, with high audio capacity and players for MP3, MP4, AAC and WAV player. It’s absolutely a perfect choice to maintain your entertainment time everytime you want to play some music.

Sony Xperia C4 User Manual Guide
If you still feel confused about how to use this phone or how to improve the performance of this Sony Xperia C4, make sure to read the whole information in Sony Xperia C4 user manual book. There are so many explanations with detail pictures and instructions inside the book. Usually you can get it when you buy the phone or you can get a PDF file if you download it on internet. Free and easy to read, you can easily activate Sony Xperia C4 as effective as you want.
Let’s start!

Sony Xperia C4 specs conclusion :
  • OS : Android (Lolipop)
  • Processor : Octa-cre 1.7 GHz.
  • Camera : 13 MP main camera and 5 M front camera.
  • Screen size : 5.5 inch.
  • Battery : 2600 mAh.
  • RAM : 2GB.
  • LTE.
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