Samsung Galaxy s6 Active review (English)

Basic Information of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active User Manual
Samsung has been well known all over the world for their gadget production. If we can see, this product has become the most popular brand that is looked for many people. It is because their features and their designs that are good looking. This brand gets more popular Korea movies that often show how they use their stylish gadget that is Samsung. There are various versions of this brand. You can get from the simple one and the one with the high technology. The prices are also so various. The quality of this product is also very good. One of the new versions from this brand is Galaxy S6. This is very new one that will launch in this month. Many people are waiting for this product. You can get more information about it from Samsung Galaxy s6 Active user manual. There are some important points that you can get about this version in this article.
Samsung Galaxy s6 Active.
What are provided by Samsung Galaxy s6 Active user manual?
There are various features that can make you enjoy this mobile phone easily. You can simply operate the features that are presented by Samsung Galaxy s6 Active user manual. The operational system of this mobile phone is Lollipop or Android OS, V.5.02. This is very new operational systems that will give you much easiness in operating this mobile phone. Besides, the size of this gadget is 5.1 inches. This is very perfect size for you who want to have the large enough of the screen but still can put it on your pocket or bring it with you everywhere.  The screen is also protected by the glass feature. That will make your mobile phone screen will not get easily scratched with the other things even though you don’t put the screen guard on it. If you like to take photos, the camera that is available in this phone is also very good. The main camera is 16 MP and the secondary one is 5 MP. You can get the beautiful and clear photos with that feature.

What are the basics of Samsung Galaxy s6 Active user manual?
There are many things and information that you can get from the user manual. But, the basic one form Samsung Galaxy s6 Active user manual is the most important. Some people may ignore this basic manual information because they think that they have already known about it. But, actually you should also read this basic section carefully, such as about device layout, SIM card, battery and etc.

            However, it is important to read all of the user instruction that is usually inserted in the box of the mobile phone when you buy it. This article only gives little about Samsung Galaxy s6 Active user manual so this information doesn’t enough for you.

Specs conclusion of Samsung Galaxy s6 Active
  • OS : Android 5.0 Lolipop.
  • Camera : CMOS 16MP and CMOS 5MP.
  • Processor : Octa-core 2.1GHz.
  • Mani DIsplay size : 5.1" (Super AMOLED).
  • Battery : 3500 mAh.
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