Oppo R7 User Manual & Specifications
If you want alternative phone for your great recommendation, Oppo R7 can be your best choice. Especially if you only have limited budget to get new phone and you think you want to get new and fresh brand with original features and complete specifications. If that’s what you want to get, Oppo R7 is a perfect idea to be considered. With slim design and efficient features, this Oppo R7 phone can support your need in the best way.

Why You Must Read Oppo R7 User Manual
But before you want to know more about Oppo R7, better to read the Oppo R7 user manual book. It’s not hard to find the user manual book because you can easily download it on internet. Maybe you will ask me this question : why you must read the Oppo R7 user manual book? It’s simply because you can find so many informations, descriptions and explanations about the complete features of Oppo R7. Some people often feel confused or don’t know how to improve the work of their cellphones. That’s why user manual book can be your best recommendation if you want to understand easily about the phone you just bought. Not only that, with user manual book, you won’t get lost with your phone. You can manage and know your phone in instant way because you follow instructions based on the book.

So, it’s a must to read user manual book. The explanation on the user manual book of Oppo R7 itself is so easy and interesting to read. It’s not difficult to understand the way this phone will work for you
Oppo R7 Complete Specifications
Now, after you get the user manual complete guide, let’s know better about Oppo R7 complete specifications. What makes this phone so interesting and recommended for your best choice? Well, based from the design look, Oppo R7 has efficiently slim design and elegant look. It’s elegant and classic but also stylish and modern. Avalaible in two colors for your best option, deluxe golden and casual white.
Oppo R7
And the most important point is about the features. Oppo R7 offers complete features and specifications such as fast battery charging, MP4/H.264 player and photo or video editor application for people with editing and office job.  What about camera? With 13 MP and  4128 x 3096 pixels, you will get perfect camera with complete features such as Schneider-Kreuznach optics, face detection autofocus, LED flash and geotagging technology.
So complete and special for your best option, right? Let’s consider this Oppo R7 for your best consideration!

Oppo R7 specs conclusion :
  • OS : Android
  • Processor : Qualcomm MSM8939 octa-core 1.5GHz.
  • RAM : 3GB.
  • Support microSD Card : 16GB.
  • Battery Capacity : 2320 mAh.
  • Camera : 13 MP.
  • Screen size : 5-inch.
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