Microsoft Office is one of the most successful products by Microsoft. It is available in the Windows and Apple’s platforms. Even it is also available in Android platform. After giving the huge changes on the Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft is developing the latest version of the office app. And now, this is the microsoft office 2016 user manual.

Microsoft Office 2016 (video)

What is new on Microsoft Office 2016? Overall, the new Microsoft Office will bring the similar concept. It focuses on productivity and appears with the flat and minimalist design. The new Microsoft Office is still best suited for PC with keyboard and mouse. And just like the previous version, the user interface will be refreshing even there are some colorful themes available.
Microsoft Office 2016
Although there might be some differences on the final version, you can get some images from the developer preview. But the best thing about Microsoft Office 2016 is about the idea of a single user experience. Users can get the same user experience and the same productivity in the mobile platform such as in Windows 10 for phone and Windows 10 for desktop. Word and PowerPoint will be optimized for mobile and touch as well.

Aesthetic department also changed. Smart scrolling and snap functions will make tapping spreadsheet to get easier. The new insight features also bring the web references. It just brings the new word reading experience. Interestingly, Microsoft Office 2016 will appear in two types. Microsoft Office for 8 inches devices or smaller and for the larger ones. Although there are 2 flavors on the same Microsoft Office, both of them will be built with the same functionality. There also no differences on the other platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows.

The other new things about Microsoft Office 2016 is about the customizable theme. There is a new colorful theme on this version. So unlike Microsoft Office 2013, office apps will appear with more colors. At least, each app will appear with its color. If the previous Microsoft Office Word only appears with a little touch of blue color and dominated by the white or the grey color, the domination of the blue color will grow on the new Microsoft Office Word. It stills keeping the use of ribbon. And overall, it looks similar with the previous version.

On the microsoft office 2016 user manual, there also a major update on the existing app. In the latest version, Microsoft tweaks the ability to insert images to the document. Now, it will correct the orientation automatically.

User manual will available in here.
Download microsoft office 2016 (32-bit) here.
Download microsoft office 2016 (64-bit) here.