Canon Xc10 4K Review (video).

Canon XC10 4K User Manual Give New Design with Powerful Performance
Canon XC10 4K user manual brings new meaning to ergonomic design. Indeed, the upcoming camcorder from Canon has some improvements on the design which makes it much more convenient for handheld and portability. Canon is one of the top manufacturers for camera and camcorder, but when it comes to the design Canon often comes with some weird bulky design. It seems that Canon has made a progress on its design toward ergonomic design and better portability. Of course, ergonomic design is not the only thing that Canon may give to its upcoming DSLR camcorder. It’s likely Canon will insert UltraHD 4K recording capability that gives the ultimate capability to record video.
Canon XC10 4K
Canon’s XC10 4K is supported with 1” CMOS sensor. On the image sensor, it seems that Canon will choose DIGIC DV5. These two sensors combined are obviously giving compact form for 4K recording, something that goes accordingly to XC10 4K’s ergonomic design. Although this camcorder hasn’t reached the market yet, but there’s strong prediction on what this camcorder will get. 10x f/2.8 to 5.6 SLR style manual zoom lens will make a big difference on this camcorder. It gives better control with auto and manual focus. The camcorder will likely be able to support 4224 x 3164 resolution for pictures, while for capturing videos this XC10 4K can support up to 3840 x 2160 resolution with 4:3 photos on 12 megapixels. There’s improvements on the lens too, which ensures better image quality on this camcorder.Canon XC10 4K user manual may not give detail specifications on this upcoming Canon camcorder, but it’s likely Canon given more attention on its sensor. Image processor also gets improvement. The new lens will likely give better video quality, especially for long shots and run and gun. It will give more of the feeling of shooting video on DSLR camera which usually has better image quality.

Canon hasn’t give any official statement on the date of release of XC10. However, opinions and rumours are quite impressive with many people showing their great expectation on this new Canon camcorder. It’s obvious that Canon will do lots of improvement on its image sensor, processor, and design. Can you imagine walking around capturing some great photos on a compact powerful camera? Canon XC10 4K user manual will ensure you to have such experience. Improvement on the compact design will make it easier to use Canon XC10 4K, moreover with much powerful sensors and performance.

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