Apple ipad pro review/rumor (video).

Apple iPad Pro User Manual for Apple’s Largest Tablet
Apple ipad pro user manual has been circuling around the news for ages. It was firstly on the news around 2013 or 2014, but as Apple didn’t make any official release on this series, the news just gone. It seemed that the development team in Apple decided to focus on the release of other products and put a hold on the development of iPad Pro. Then, the news started to appear in the surface again for iPad Pro. It was predicted that the team in Apple is currently in the process of developing the series. Apple hasn’t made any official announcement on iPad Pro, but it seems that the mass production for this gadget is set around the middle of 2015, while the gadget will be ready to release by the end of 2015.
Apple ipad pro
With such long awaited anticipation for Apple ipad pro user manual, there’s huge expectation on powerful features that Apple inserted into  this gadget. However, Apple still hasn’t given any official statement or information on this new iPad series. People are getting anxious and predicted some of great things that Apple is currently planning for iPad Pro. One obvious prediction that people have on this gadget is on its display size. It will likely get improvement on the display with larger size up to 12.9 inches. Although there are other people who predict Apple will only use 12.2 inches display size on this. No matter which prediction is correct, it’s still larger than the display size of iPad Air. If it’s true that Apple will use 12.9 inches display, then the upcoming iPad Pro will be Apple’s largest tablet and have the closest size to Macbook Air. The display will also get ultra high resolution supported by A9 processor. It can give up to 2732 x 2048 resolution with 265 pixels per inch quality. It surely gives better image quality on the display.

Although it gets larger display, Apple ipad pro user manual also predicts on thinner sleek design for this series. On the OS, it’s likely Apple will implement iOS 8. As Apple seems to give only the best features, it may get touch ID as one of the newest features from Apple. The manufacturer will obviously include some of the newest technology, including on the USB port, RAM capacity, etc. iPad Pro may still become a big rumor until Apple put an end to all these speculations and give their official statement.

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