Acer Liquid Leap review (video).

Acer Liquid Leap W100 user manual
Knowing Much about Acer Liquid Leap W100
The Acer Liquid Leap W100 user manual might be something essential for all of you who want to get the right and proper information regarding to the product. As many of us have known, Acer becomes the well known brand which often offers a quality high technology product. That is the reason why the products from Acer always make us feel that interested in knowing anything about it. That is including the Acer Liquid Leap. That is a smart watch product from Acer which sounds so interesting because of its feature. Sure, a smart watch becomes really popular right now and the smart watch from Acer can be another option for you if you are interested in hunting a right smart watch for you. Sure, you have to know much thing about this product first before making a decision.
Acer Liquid leap
The Great Power of Battery
From, Acer Liquid Leap W100 user manual we know that it has a powerful battery life so that you do not need to be bothered recharging it again and again. If you think wearing smart watch will be really complicated as like we have to recharge our smart phone daily, actually it would not be like that since Acer claimed that their Acer Liquid Leap W100 can stay longer. In one charge of the battery of Acer Liquid Leap, it will stay for about five until seven days. You can wear it anytime and anywhere to accompany you doing a lot of activities. It has a bunch of great features as like it can help you to be always connected to your smart phone to see who is calling or sending you messages. That also helps you to control and access the music library of your device on the go. So, you can pause, stop, play, or even skip the song simply through your wrist without disturbing your activities.

The Useful Features and Stylish Design
The great features which are offered by this smart watch are great for accompanying you on any kinds of activities, as like doing exercises, dealing with your office duties, taking a walk, and even taking a shower or even sleeping. Sure, it is a water resistant smart watch which also enables you to wear it while you are taking a shower. Wearing it when you sleep can also help you tracking your pattern of sleep. That will be really useful with its simple yet futuristic design which gives the users simplicity to wear it. That also has the stylish look in various choices of colors that we also can see from the Acer Liquid Leap W100 user manual.

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