Xiaomi Mi Box mini review (video)

Small Box with Endless Potential

Xiaomi is more than just a big phenomenon but this company is leading its way from a start up to a potential tech giant. Xiaomi aims high that it will become a strong contender in consumer electronics industry against the establishment of big names. From affordable high specs devices, Xiaomi expands its product portfolio to various accessories to its devices. Xiaomi Mi Box mini is the latest product from this company released this January.
Xiaomi Mi Box Mini
Xiaomi started to enter the set-top box device market when it introduced Xiaomi Mi Box. Following the success of set-top box devices from other manufacturers, the Mi Box was designed as powerful yet affordable contender. Mi Box can stream music and videos and displays them on TV monitor. This January, Xiaomi is releasing a smaller, more compact and more affordable version of set-top box Xiaomi Mi Box mini. This new device isn’t just the downgraded version of Mi Box but according to Xiaomi it is what Xiaomi user needs to get the best experience. Based on Xiaomi Mi Box user manual, Mi Box Mini has different segment than the Mi Box. The smaller one is designed for casual media consumer instead of those tech savvy who wants to use advanced apps or play games like those using the bigger Mi Box. 

There’s one thing you need to know about Mi Box Mini: Never underestimate its small size. Inside its compact-charged-liked size, there’s powerful quadcore processor at 1.3GHz and 1GB RAM combination and Android 4.4 KitKat platform. It is more than powerful to stream music and video without losing its quality and not to mention running various apps. You will love 1080p output with Dolby and DTS surround sound ensuring best entertainment experience. The built in internal storage is 4GB and it has connectivity of Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI port. 

With its own built in power supply, Mi Box Mini is easier and more dependable to use. Moreover, it is more than just a set-top box. This compact small box also has functions as charger and smart plug for Xiaomi devices. It also comes with Bluetooth remote control for easy access. With the fact that Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is compatible with Play Store, this small device offers almost unlimited options of entertainments and productivities. Best of all, it is offered at very affordable price, around $30.  When you need a casual media entertainment on the go, Xiaomi Mi Box mini is worth to consider.

Xiaomi Mi Box mini user manual will available in here.