Lenovo Vibe Shot review (video).

Lenovo Vibe Shot  Give Good Choice To Take Pictures.
Lenovo Vibe Shot user manual gives good example on how camera has become an important feature in smartphone. Nowadays, it’s hard to find smartphone that doesn’t include good built in camera as one of its main features. If you look people around you, it won’t be hard to find one or two or even more people who love taking selfies. Taking self picture has become an infectuous disease that quickly infected people in all over the world. The convenience of taking pictures using smartphone has big part on this fast growing habit.

Lenovo Vibe Shot
Phone Camera Specs in Lenovo Vibe Shot
Lenovo tries to accommodate the huge interest of taking selfies with its new release of Vibe Shot. Some people find the name is unattractice, but this smartphone surely has huge package installed on its camera. It’s equipped with 16 mp built in camera that can product good quality pictures. It has Pro Mode with five curved control sliders. Looking to Lenovo Vibe Shot user manual, these sliders can be switched to give manual control at any level desired. It’s used for white balance, exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and focus on distance object. Such complete dial mode surely makes this smarphone competes with real camera. Besides complete dial mode, the camera in this smartphone can be easily set with click and drag adjustment, similar to the setting on Lumia 1020.

Each setting from five available choices can be controlled through virtual shutter button. Another Lenovo Vibe Shot user manual to arrange camera setting is by pulling the icons directly. Such simple arrangement surely accommodates the needs of taking selfies. It only takes simple click and drag to set the camera and take high definition images. This smartphone also becomes the first smartphone that applies physical switch to change its automatic and manual shooting modes.
Complete Camera Features

Any photography enthusiast will enjoy using this smartphone because of its complete features. It has super fast focus speed supported with infrared autofocus. Its 16 megapixel sensor can work excellent in low light as it has optically stabilised lens. With sturdy design, it makes a perfect companion to take photographs wherever you are. The only loss is probably on its poor lens positioning. It’s placed on outer edge of smartphone body, proven to bring some inconveniences on focusing it. However, Lenovo Vibe Shot user manual has made a good companion for those who love to take pictures wherever they go.

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