Lenovo MIIX 300 review (video).

Lenovo MIIX 300 User Manual Give Great Things At Impressive Price
Cheap and affordable price. This is what Lenovo MIIX 300 offers you. For those who love affordable things, they won’t miss the chance to get Windows 8.1 tablet at such generous price. You can compare to tablets from other manufacturers and it’s obvious that you won’t find other tablet with the same specs at the same price range. According to Lenovo MIIX 300 user manual, price becomes the main strong point of this gadget. It has the right size and complete features. So, what else do you want to ask from an 8-inch tablet?
Lenovo MIIX 300
Affordable Lenovo MIIX 300 Tablet with Powerful Specs
The most surprising part of this Lenovo tablet is indeed its price. Lenovo is ready to launch it only at $150 which is way much cheaper compared to other tablets in the market. It has good exterior design that completely hides its cheap price. It even gets aluminium back shell for improving durability. On the display, Lenovo chooses 8 inch display from IPS LCD. The price surely can’t afford fancy things, but Lenovo is still able to give some good quality features. From Lenovo MIIX 300 user manual it’s revealed that this tablet gets 2 MP front camera and 5 MP built in camera at the back. It might be a little bit difficult to take pictures using 8 inch tablet, but the image produced is surely at the best quality possible. The tablet is supported with Intel Atom quad core processor. Lenovo also adds 2 GB RAM capacity on this tablet for ensuring its quick performance. On full charge, the battery of this tablet can last up to 7 hours. For the memory capacity, Lenovo MIIX 300 user manual mentions of built in storage at 64GB maximum and more with microSD cards.

Some Flaws In Lenovo MIIX 300 Tablet
As this tablet is offered at such cheap price, there surely some flaws on its features. This tablet is still supported with Windows 8.1, while Windows 10 is already available. The built in camera is a little bit poor on the quality. It may also not give the fastest performance compared to other tablets. However, the price covers all these flaws. Besides, Lenovo gives quite impressive tablet for such low price that it offers. Taking advantage from this gadget as new release, there should be some impressive features revealed in Lenovo MIIX 300 user manualconsidering how affordable this tablet is.

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