Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review (video).

The Versatility of Canon EOS Rebel T6s
Finding the most powerful yet sophisticated camera on dealing with your hobby or even your duty on capturing the photos and even videos in various great things ever is such really essential for people. For sure, you will find a lot of camera products including the Canon EOS Rebel T6s. Here, we are going to talk about the Canon EOS Rebel T6s User Manual which might cover all your need of you are hunting a right camera for you to accommodate your hobbies or even duties as a pro on capturing the photos. Knowing about the feature is important before you make a decision. You also need to notice what actually the special feature of the camera product is. That might be a good idea to get the best choice for getting the right camera based on your need.
Canon EOS Rebel T6s
Camera Canon EOS Rebel T6s might be the suitable one if you like the camera which gives you simplicity on its connection to another device. That is because Canon EOS Rebel T6s offers the great yet different features compared to the predecessors for its connectivity which are much better. That is because the Rebel T6s is the first Rebel series with WiFi and also NFC. If you are looking for the versatility on using the camera, especially for its connectivity, you can choose this camera. NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is great to help you on getting your camera paired to another device near your camera, such like your smart phones. This 24.2-mp camera will be a great companion if you are always in love using your mobile device such like your android phones to get the result of the photos that you have been captured from your camera as soon as possible. That is such a good idea if you have hobby in photography and want to share your photos to your social media or many other else through your mobile device as soon as possible. That is because of its great feature of the NFC or Wi-Fi which is really helpful. 

Besides the connectivity which is really great, it also becomes the first Rebel series which offer the Top LCD display panels and also the feature of the quick control dial. They are in the great design of the camera which is not really bulky but it is designed elegantly with the rich features. Besides those great features on connectivity and also the display, it also offers the great quality photos with its great lens and also resolution. You can go getting the Canon EOS Rebel T6s User Manual complete first for getting the complete information about this device. 

Conclusion specs of Canon EOS Rebel T6s :
  • Type : Digital AF/AE SIngle-lens reflex camera with built-in flash.
  • Sensor Type : CMOS Sensor 24.4 Megapixels.
  • Lens Mount : Canon EF mount.
  • Viewfinder Type : Eye-level SLR (with fixed pentamirror).
  • Focusing screen : Fixed.
  • Shutter Type : Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically-controlled.
  • Self Timer : 10-sec or 2-sec. Delay.
  • LCD Monitor Type : TFT color, Liquid-crystal monitor with Touch Panel LCD (capacitive type).
  • Monitor size : wide 3.0-inch.
  • Battery : One Battery pack LP-E17.
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