Canon EOS 5DS Review (video).

Canon EOS 5DS is the latest professional camera from Canon, the successor of 5D MKIII which also known as the legendary model for professional photographers. Nonetheless, this is not truly a replacement for 5D MKIII. It does not give the better performance in any aspects too. One thing for sure, this camera has the specific focus with 50.6 MP full frame sensor which is better than the currently cameras.
Canon EOS 5Ds
Canon looks consistent with the idea behind Canon EOS 5DS and do not push it as the replacement of 5D MKIII. Beside it, the new model of 5D MKIII will come on 2015. The look and the design of Canon EOS 5DS looks so similar with 5D MKIII. It was made from magnesium alloy and has the solid weather sealing. Not just similar on the look, the feel and the handling is also familiar. But of course, Canon puts some tweaks on this camera to make it suitable with 2015 era.

Inside Canon EOS 5D S User Manual, you will find the new sensor and many best bits that can also be seen on the other high end Canon’s DSLR cameras. It uses DIGIC 6 processors just like Canon 1D X. This processor allows this camera to bring the good performance on sport photography as well as canon 1D X. Compared with 5D MKIII, this camera can shot at 5 fps which is a little slower than 5D MKIII. Although it is capable to give the good shot on the sport photography, this camera is not basically designed for this.

With 50.6 MP sensor, compromising the very high ISO performance is easy for Canon EOS 5DS. ISO 100-6400 looks like a conservative native ISO range. But interestingly, it is extendable up to 12,800. This is not as good as Nikon D810 which can be extended up to 51,200. But overall, it stills capable to give the good manual setting. It also equipped with 3 inches 1,040 k of dot screen and offers 1080p video recording. Unfortunately, there is no 4K here.

Canon EOS 5DS is not truly a replacement of 5D MKIII. But one thing for sure, it was made for detail obsessed and the professional photographers who do not really need super low light flexibility or the ultimate speed. It brings the new standard to the Canon portfolio and complete it as well. Thanks to the high camera sensor and native ISO, there is nothing to worry about the image quality.

Conclusion specs of Canon EOS 5DS :
  • Type : Digital, AF/AE Single-lens reflex, camera.
  • Lens Mount : Canon EF mount.
  • Image Sensor Type : High-sensitivity, high-resolution, Large single-plate CMOS sensor.
  • Total pixels : 53 Megapixels.
  • Viewfinder Type : Eye-level pentaprism.
  • Shutter Type : Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically-controlled.
  • Self Timer : 10-sec, or 2-sec. delay.
  • LCD Monitor Type : TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor.
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Download Canon EOS 5D s user manual, here.