Apple iOs 8.1 review (video).

Apple iOs 8.1 User Manual Ensures Perfection In Performance
It’s not a surprising fact that Apple still becomes the best selling gadget all over the world. With all powerful and sophisticated devices released in each year, Apple has everything that smartphone users want from their device. Other than good quality device, Apple also inserts powerful OS with complete features. Apple iOs 8.1 user manual will show the best sides of this Apple OS. Specially designed for Apple devices, this OS makes the latest addition to Apple’s perfection. Of course, there are lots of expectation on what’s included in this new version of Apple OS. The big question is whether the OS can compare the expectations?
Apple iOs 8.1
What’s Included In Apple iOs 8.1
As this OS becomes the latest release from Apple, there should be improvement from its previous versions. Indeed, Apple has implemented some repair and improvements into this OS. Looking to Apple iOs 8.1 user manual, it even seems to offer some new features to keep satisfying its users. Now, this OS can support Apple Pay for US users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For those who love to take pictures using their iPhone, this OS gets new features on its photo function. It adds beta service into iCloud Photo Library. As many people enjoy taking Time Lapse videos and forget about space capacity, the new OS has alerts function for reminding low space in this feature. There’s also new Camera Roll album and My Photo Stream album. New features are inserted on messaging function. It gets new ability for users to send text message and MMS using iPad and Mac. Issues and bugs previously found in group messaging are fixed. New option is added to allow users choose between 2G, 3G or LTE network. There’s also new Dictation feature in Setting for Keyboard that gives totally different experience from using Siri. Reading through Apple iOs 8.1 user manual surely gives more insight for Apple fans.

Bug Fixing In Apple iOs 8.1
Those who enjoy high functionality in Apple’s OS surely would love to hear Apple OS 8.1 gets fixed on its WiFi performance. There’s no more issue to connect Bluetooth hands-free devices. Screen rotation is ensured to work perfectly. HealthKit apps now can access data saved in smartphone’s background. Using OS X Caching Server will be much easier since the issue has been fixed. There are more bugs fixed and improved in Apple iOs 8.1 which ensure iPhone to perform in a much better way. These new improvements on Apple iOs 8.1 user manual gives the best for those who enjoy high speed smartphone. 
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