Android 5.1 Update Offers Solution for the Intrusive Features
When Google launched Android Lolipop, many people were really enthusiasts. This Android version was claimed to become the most advanced mobile OS with full pack of new features including more visually engaging UI. Android users welcomed this new version with full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it takes only few months before many complaints about Google latest mobile OS come into surface.

Android Lolipop 5.2 Udapate Review

Several issues related to Android Lollipop made Android users aware about it. Google were trying to answer those issues with Android Lollipop 5.0 update which failed to satisfy Android users who are still frustrated with many issues related to this latest OS. There’s a good news for them as Android Lollipop 5.1 update is already available. Google has strong confidence that this update is the actual answer for those bad issues. This updated version is already found on the low end Android One devicels released in South East Asia. However, there’s still no valid information on the official release date of this updated and when it is available for all devices.
Android Lolipop 5.1
It is time for us to take a look at Android lolipop 5.1 update review to get an actual information what kind of improvement brought by this update and will it be the real solution for the nagging issues of Lollipop or it is just like the previous updates which failed to answer the issues. According to Google press release, this updated comes with huge numbers of bug fixes ensuring better experience to optimize the device. Several new features are also available including new clock animation and screen pinning as well as improved features. It seems like Google realized that some of the innovative and intuitive features on Android Lollipop responded badly by users. Many found that those features are more intrusive and leading to big frustration. Some of those features are including invert colors and Wi-Fi hot spot. The new update comes with better Quick Setting menus allowing users to hide those features.

As Android One devices with this new update have been shipped to the market in several countries, we will get more valid information about this update very soon. Moreover, there’s an information that Google will officially release Android Lollipop 5.1 this March. It won’t be long until we can get the update and experience it on our own devices. Will this update make big improvement on Lollipop? Well, time will tell. Whatever it is, with Android One is on the rise Google won’t risk anything more. 

Conlucion : Android 5.1 have 9 new features :
  • Device protection.
  • smarter Wi-fi.
  • Improved priority Mode.
  • Changing the volume.
  • An easier way to connect to Wi-fi and Bluetooth.
  • Alarm volome is easier to change.
  • New icons have been added.
  • Like a new SIM card icon.
  • And more animations.

User Manual upgrade android lolipop 5.1 for Nexus mobile