Finally, the Start Menu Has Returned on Windows 10
We all know, Windows XP is the best Windows ever released, Windows Vista is the failed one, and Windows 8 is the most comfortable one. How about the newest one, Windows 10? The Microsoft seems try to extract all best things from their previous product. In this case, they use XP and 8 as the main material. Then, voila, you can taste the feeling of those two products in Windows 10. So, here are some of interesting point we can find on windows 10 user manual.

Windows 10 Review (video)
The overall appearance of this new product is very similar to Windows 8. You will found two main interface, which is the full screen start menu with many tiles of the application and program that you have in your gadget as well as the standard desktop. But, the most interesting thing we can find on Windows 10 is the return of start menu button on the desktop. In Windows 8, there is no start menu button, like what you can find on previous Windows. If you want to find the application of program that you want to use, you need to change to full screen start menu. The Windows 10 has start menu that pop up from bottom screen, like what you can find on Windows XP. The great thing is this start menu use same interface like what you can find on its full screen version.

Windows 10
You can find tiles of application that you can use and you can freely change the tiles size and position. It takes more than half screen wide, but, it was okay for us, because it really helps to find the program that we want to use. The tiles on this start menu don’t show all application or programs that you have. You must choose the program that you want to place on the start menu. However, Microsoft gives nice solution, if you want to show all apps through this start menu, which is the All Apps button. it was also mentioned in windows 10 user manual. click it, and it will shows you list of all apps that you have, like when you use All Programs button on the previous Windows.

Simplicity is still the main concept of this new product. It seems Microsoft realize that this formula is the best they can apply for their new product. Along with its simplicity, the customizable feature also becomes the plus point of this Windows. There are so many about this stuff in windows 10 user manual. Basically, you can use it like what you want. Overall, good and satisfying product once more from Microsoft, for desktop PC or touch screen gadget. 

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