Sony Xperia Z4 review (video)

Fresh Technologies Ready for Sony Xperia Z4 User Manual.
Sony hasn’t made any official announcement about release date of the upcoming Xperia Z4. Looking on the previous Z2 released on MWC 2014, it seems that the smartphone manufacturer will make the official release on this year’s MWC and this event will take place on nextMarch 2-5. Even if Sony hasn’t made any official statement and announcement on this new smartphone, people have made speculations on how Sony Xperia Z4 user manual will come up with. In the last mid of January, Sony Xperia Z4 had passed the Japanese certification, so it seems that the release date is set for early 2015.

New Things Installed In Sony Xperia Z4.
One of the hottest rumors on Xperia Z4 is about the new Exmor RS IMX 230 sensor that probably will be inserted into this smartphone. There’s no confirmation on this rumor even though last year’s Sony hack revealed email leak on this new sensor for Xperia Z4. Brand new 21 MP sensor on the camera will give brand new experience in taking photographs and recording video. It will be equipped with more features and modes for better image quality. Sony Xperia Z4 user manual still shares rumors on other new things installed in this smartphone. Other than the camera, this smartphone will be running on Snapdragon 810 processor. It ensures a totally different experience in using the latest technology. For the OS, Sony seems to install this Xperia Z4 with Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s the newest Android series that any smartphone can get. These new technologies will surely bring a totally different experience in using the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4.

Stylish Design In Xperia Z4.
When it comes to display size, it seems that Sony still keeps the same display size of the previous Xperia Z3. The 5.2 inch display seems to be the best fit for users. Indeed, it fits perfectly on the hands. It still gives wide display. However, it can still slip easily to the pocket. Another special feature that should be inserted in Sony Xperia Z4 user manual is its LCD digitizer. It’s a new technology of glass sheet covering the entire smartphone display. It works to process every swipe and touch on the display into digital information. It will be an interesting addition to the features of this Xperia Z4. Even though Sony hasn’t made any confirmation on these rumors, it seems that the upcoming smartphone is worth to wait for.

Sony Xperia Z4 user manual coming soon.