Samsung Galaxy F review (video).

Samsung Galaxy F User Manual Brings Solid Frame To Samsung Smartphone
It’s been years Samsung becoming Apple’s top competitor. With all those amazing technologies installed in each one of Samsung smartphone, Apple still beats Samsung with the solid metal frame. Apple’s diehard fans are often called Samsung as plastic phone due to its plastic frame. Without a doubt, this plastic frame becomes the weakness of this giant manufacturer. Looking on rumors on the upcomingSamsung Galaxy F user manual, it seems like Samsung is finally ready to give a real fight against Apple. With powerful technology that Samsung owned, this manufacturer only needs to complete its design with solid frame to make it perfect.

Samsung Galaxy F With Solid Frame
Although Samsung is still not giving any confirmation about the news, but it’s already an old news that Samsung is in the middle of preparing is smartphone series with metal framing. It seems like Samsung Galaxy F becomes the answer. This Samsung Galaxy F user manual becomes the pioneer of premium metal frame smartphone coming from Samsung. On the design, Samsung doesn’t make any huge change. It still gets the same things like the previous Samsung smartphones. Users can find all the buttons, logo, and even finger scanner right at the usual spot. The biggest difference of the design is on the metal back. It’s made from solid aluminum that gives strong and firm look on this smartphone. Samsung Galaxy F also gets slimmer bezel with more compact size due to its much improved screen to body ratio. It will end the long argument of Samsung as plastic smartphone.

Much Improved Technologies
Other than metal frame, Samsung Galaxy F also gets more improvement on the features. This smartphone will be the first smartphone with accurate AMOLED display. It runs on Quad HD display. This Quad HD panel will bring a whole new experience on its 5.24 inches display. Other than the AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy F user manual also gets new debut of Snapdragon 805. It’s considered as the newest and strongest Qualcomm chip. It also increases bandwidth memory, giving more satisfaction on using this smartphone. Samsung Galaxy F will be the first phone using ISOCELL technology developed by Samsung. Other than this brand new technology, the smartphone also gets ultra power saving mode for longer usage time. It also has fingerprint scanner for more security for user. Rumors said this smartphone will be launch on next September, but with all those technologies this smartphone makes one worth the wait.

Samsung Galaxy F user manual coming soon.