Oppo R1C Review (Video).

Enjoy the Luxury Smartphone with Oppo R1C User Manual
Oppo R1C user manual is the newest model of mobile phone produced by Oppo. What make this new model different and special compared with other smartphone is that it is used sapphire glass panel for the top surface of the mobile phone screen. Another interesting thing that you will get from this new Oppo model is its design. The design even looks more luxurious with the gorgeous diamond design on the back part. The design emphasizes on the lightness but look a bit unique so that it is quite handy to carry as well. As for the appearance, it has different yet nice aesthetic too. 

Different with many types of smartphone, sapphire glass is used for Oppo R1C because it is extremely strong and can resist from scratch. With the luxurious look of the sapphire glass, it is not surprising if there are many other smartphone brands who want to adapt similar design. Even though sapphire glass has been used for elements of other smartphones, Oppo R1C user manual is considered as the best option that really recommended to be owned as it combines the luxury of sapphire glass with the amazing designs and complete features that will satisfy the users as soon as they touch it. 

Except from the luxury of the use of sapphire glass, Oppo R1C comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 processor. It uses octa-core 64-bit chip running at 1.5 GHz. Moreover, the RAM can cover 2 GB. The screen length is 5 inches with the resolution 720p which perhaps a bit disappointing compared with other smartphones with offer high resolution. Even though this mobile phone only can cover 16 GB in its internal storage but it comes with MicroSD slot that can cover 128 GB for the storage. It is large enough to store hundreds songs and files. 

This new Oppo model used Android 4.4.1 supported with Oppo’s Color OS 2.0.1 for the user interface. This seems like the one that is used in Huawei in order to adjust with Google operating system through app drawer. The capacity of the battery is 2420 mAH and it is comes with 4G connectivity to support two SIM cards use. Oppo R1C user manual adapts the use of camera from Sony. It has 13 megapixels for the back camera and 5 megapixels for the front that place above the screen. It is also quite handy to bring with only 6.85 mm of thicknesses. 

Oppo R1C user manual coming soon.