HTC One M9 Review (video)

It is true that in 2014, there were so many smartphone products which can be included as the best smartphone which people can find. From various brands and products offered, people can find HTC One M8 which is included in the top phones of 2014. Because it is flagship smartphone, there is no question that people will have very great expectation about the new generation of this flagship. People are anticipating for HTC One M9 which will come with various improvements from the previous model which is packed with various great features. Although people cannot find the Htc One m9 user manual yet, they can find the leaked information about the features and specifications of the device.
HTC One M9
The very first thing which people will pay attention from the HTC One M9 is the design and display. Nevertheless, public has high expectation that the One M9 will retain the trademark of all metal enclosure which can show the luxury and flagship aspect of the smartphone. There is rumor about the display of the smartphone which is still in five inches sized with 1920 x 1080 resolutions which can also be found in HTC One M8. The last two flagship devices from HTC come with the speakers which are facing front. However, it seems like the front facing speakers will not be able to be found in the Hima which is the code name for the new phone from HTC. There is expectation about the design of HTC One M9 which still has the cues from the previous model but it will push the aesthetic aspect much further and incorporate the speakers which are facing the front. If there is no front facing speaker which is incorporated in the new smartphone from HTC, it means that HTC take a step back for the design of smartphone.

There are some other information shared about the new smartphone from HTC including the Android 5.0 operating system which will be combined with the 810 processor from Snapdragon and 3GB RAM. It is improved from the One M8 which comes with Snapdragon 805 processor and also 2GB RAM. It seems like it will also use the new 64-bit SoC from Qualcomm. The processor for One M9 will have faster performance in LTE speed so the graphic power will be increased and image processing will be enhanced for getting better quality of photos and videos. It will also come with Ultrapixel camera with low resolution with 20.7MP rear camera for better photographic ability and 13MP front camera for great selfie shot.

HTC One M9 user manual not available today and will available in here.