Google Project Ara review (video)

Google Project Ara User Manual Makes The First Modular Phone
Google Project Ara user manual might sound like crazy idea, but it’s made to provide smartphone users with a design that matches to their desire. Although numerous smartphone manufacturers release new smartphone models in each year, users are still left unsatisfied with the latest releases. Some people would love to have large memory installed in their smartphone while other prefer to have powerful camera. When it comes to software, it’s much easier to download and install new apps from the play store, but nobody has ever thought it can be applied to the hardware. At least until Google took on this crazy idea and give smartphone users the chance to modify their smartphone and personalize it as they like.

First Modular Smartphone from Google
This one of a kind idea of creating modular smartphone was first planned for Motorola when it was owned by Google. However, Google had to sell Motorola to Lenovo while it managed to keep the plan for itself. The main idea of Goole Project Ara user manual is to allow everyone to build smartphone of their dream. Google’s Project Ara department will release the exoskeleton to the market at fix price and then complete it with module store where users can get new modules to upgrade their exoskeleton. It will be like Google App market place, but it’s for hardware. Project Ara team has appointed several third party manufacturers to build the hardware. Of course, each piece of the hardware will be made according to the standard of power and connectivity set by Project Ara team. This strict monitoring for third party manufacturers is meant to provide users with more modules that can fit perfectly to the exoskeleton.

Building Your Dream Smartphone
One of the goals of Project Ara team is to make modules of the smartphone to be swappable without turning off the phone. Another goal is to make all smartphone components interchangeable and able to work together, even though it’s not made in the same design. It does sound like a crazy, but amazing idea to allow users put any modules that they like on their exoskeleton. Goole Project Ara user manualmakes smartphone users have the opportunity to personalize their gadget at the best possibility. It allows users to replace each part of their smartphone with the latest release. Of course, there will be technical guidelines that users must follow in order to connect each module with the platform. However, it truly gives the chance to build your own specific smartphone.

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