Samsung galaxy note edge review (Video).

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge User Manual Bring Borderless View On The Display
The latest smartphone technology will always take your attention. With new technologies and features installed into new smartphone releases, you may feel like you are obliged to get the latest smartphone release. Among numerous smartphone new releases, Samsung seems to give something new into smartphone technology. Being succeed with its curve digital TV, this manufacturer install similar technology into its new release of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. The curvy screen brings something new into the design. It gives off the feeling of borderless screen that gives you better view into the display. But of course curvy screen is not the only special feature of this Samsung new released smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
The curvy display makes the best fit for those who search for stylish companion on their palms. Indeed, this display gives off a different look into smartphone that we commonly see as solid square gadget. Samsung install this technology to bring better view into the screen. Through this curvy screen, you can enjoy borderless view on the display. What used to be blocked on the side will look free and limitless. On this side of the screen, Samsung also uses it as the shortcut to mostly used apps. Reading through Samsung Galaxy Note Edge user manual gives you complete understanding that this smartphone is specially design for those who enjoy crystal clear display on its 5.6 inch screen. Other than the borderless screen, this smartphone also gets Quad HD Super Amoled. This technology ensures you to get high definition display that will satisfy anyone who wants to have different experience in watching videos or playing games through this smartphone.

Those who often work outside of the office will also be pleased with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. This smartphone is equipped with S pen that you can easily use to write or draw or simply edit files stored in your smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets better S pen that’s much easier to use. The camera is quite sophisticated as this smartphone get 16 MP of rear camera. The Ultra Power Saving Mode allows you to get the most of this smartphone even when it runs out of battery. It ensures longer battery life for all activities that you do with it. With these features, it seems that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge makes the best companion for those who often spend their time outside. Long lasting battery with more entertainment features will support you to stay connected to work through your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Specs :
  • OS : Android 4.4 (KitKat).
  • Display : 5.6" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED .
  • AP : 2.7 GHz Quad Core Processor.
  • Battery : 3000mAh Fast Chaging.
  • Memory : 32GB Internal memory.
  • RAM : 3GB.
  • Camera : front 3.7 MP, Rear 16 Mp.
  • S-pen.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Features :
  • Revolutionary Design.
  • Extended Pleasure.
  • Personalized Design & Information Stream.
  • Premium Screen.
  • Bright and clear images with advanced camera.
  • Smart Select.
  • Photo Note.
  • Advanced S pen.
Fast Charging, Hhigh capacity.
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