Experience Amazing Playing with Nintendo’s New 3DS User Manual
Nintendo’s new 3Ds user manual is the latest model of Nintendo. It is the developing model from the previous model 3DS gaming platform which is having change on its hardware. As the latest model, this Nintendo definitely provide new innovations especially on its features. The example of one feature that can be recognized quickly is the analogue control stick and computing power. Moreover, it is available with cover plates that can be changed and Amiibo integration that support its touch screen. 
Nintendo 3DS
Quite similar with the Nintendo 3DS original model, this new model is also available either in standard-sized or XLform factors. They both offer feature for revised control and maintain faster processing. However, the new feature can be seen on its image gallery. The analogue knob for right hand located on top of right face buttons. 

The good position of the analogue knob makes the users easier in to use shoulder button if they need to do faster input while they require doing second click. Furthermore, the new controller includes third and fourth back trigger buttons which mostly known as ZR and ZL buttons. Those two buttons are placed in good spot to support the users’ convenience when they use the new analogue stick. Even though new 3DS comes in standard-sized and XL-sized, both have same dimensions for their hardware. Compared with the previous 3DS model, Nintendo’s new 3DS user manual has wider viewing angle. This good quality of angle results on better image view from the side.  It reduces the blur look that commonly appears on screen. There are several new features that you can enjoy from this 3DS new model. It includes automatic brightness adjustment sensor which make the users easier to control the brightness of the screen. There are also camera improvements to support better picture capturing.

Another special thing from Nintendo’s new 3DS user manual is the Amiibo Integration. This model uses NFC connectivity in the bottom of touchscreen so that the Amiibo figurine can have a good position on the display so that it can interact directly with the Nintendo software. Numerous kinds of Nintendo also include Amiibo toys that are integrated with the game. It also offer cover plates that can be changed. This is what make this model is more interesting since the users can change set the physical appearance with different theme. The example of themes that is quite popular in new 3DS such as iconic mushroom and Mario Bros. 

Download Nintendo’s new 3Ds user manual :
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