HP Stream 11 Review (video).

Stylish, Affordable and Complete Features PC from HP
Do you have a plan to buy a new PC? If it is so, why don’t you consider HP Stream 11 as one of your references? For your information, HP is offering stylish and affordable PC to support your daily activities. Of course, they try to fulfill your need so you can use this PC as your friend. Let’s try to explore this latest PC by reading the hp stream 11 user manual.
HP Stream 11
You can start to explore this gadget from the design first. The interesting part about the design of this PC is on the thin and light design. Plus, you can choose to use several stylish colors which attracting and different than any other PC you ever known before. In specific, you can choose a purple or a blue HP Stream 11 and it makes your PC different than the other PC, right? From this hp stream 11 user manual you will know how this PC helps your daily activities.

You might say thanks to Office 365 feature installed there. By this feature you can do anything you want such as writing, preparing a presentation, calculating, making graphic, and many more. Interestingly, you will get special bonus, 1TB could storage and it can be used for a year. This bonus really helps you because it means you can share important data, files, videos, photos, and many more easily. Just like a friend, HP Stream 11 is also ready to support you with its entertainment features. 

Let say, you can enjoy your favorite music while doing your works. This PC will be a good option for those who are considered music lovers. At least, your hobby will be supported by DTD studio sound, connected music and wireless synchronicity features. A good PC has to satisfy the users including offering a sharp screen so users can see it clearly. Don’t worry with that! HP Stream 11 has crystal clear HD display so you can see clear, bright and sharp images from the screen. The size of the screen is considered as an ideal size for supporting your works.

To make it complete, HP Stream 11 can be used in long period and thanks to the battery life and processor. In this case, you can just finish your work up to 8 hours and 15 minutes before recharging the battery and let the processor gives you its power. For those who are interested to buy after reading this hp stream 11 user manual, you can just need to spend around $199.99 and it is really reasonable price for a high quality PC. 

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