Apple iPod Touch 6 Review (Video).

With iPhone that gets cheaper, iPad that gets smaller and Apple Watch that gets more popular, many doubt that iPod touch 5th generation will have a successor; yet Apple takes a daring step by releasing the 6th generation of its exclusive media player. The sales of the 5th generation of iPod have been high. Therefore, there is a strong reason for Apple to give its popular media player an heir. Apple indeed has not released this latest release; however, rumors about it have been strong. Therefore, there is always a good reason to expect it. What can you expect from this latest iPod model? Before you have a chance to read Apple iPod touch 6 user manual, you can read the following list of expected iPod touch 6 features to find out why you should buy this media player.
Apple iPod Touch 6
More powerful processor
When Apple released the 5th generation of iPod, it armed its device with iOS 8 operating system accompanied with A5 chip. The A5 chip is already fast to provide reliable acceleration to such simple devices as iPod; however, for the next release, users may expect better processing power. Will they expect the powerful A8 chip, which has been used in iPhone 6? The A8 chip may be too much for iPod, but the A7 chip, will make the device powerful yet affordable enough.

More storage space
Apple has always tried to increase the storage space of its newly released product. This has been done to the latest iPhone model, which receives additional 32GB compared to the storage space of its predecessor. As a media player, iPod heavily needs storage space improvement. The generic 16GB of iPod 5 is considered too small for a media player. Additional 16GB of space will be enough for iPod users to store their favorite media files. Making 32GB of storage space standard for iPod, however, may make the device more expensive and may force it to lose in a competition against its iPhone or iPad sisters.

Better camera
Camera has always been iPod’s strong point. This doesn’t mean that iPod uses camera that is better than that of iPod or iPad. This is simply because iPod’s size and weight allow it to be a versatile device for capturing photos discreetly. With better camera, iPod 6 will truly be an appealing media player for its fans.

Better earbuds
iPhone and iPad are all about games whereas iPod is solely about music. Therefore, earbuds play a great role in making iPod an appealing device. With better earbuds, iPod will truly be an amazing media playing device that can compete with its bigger sisters.

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