Apple iPhone 7 Review (Video).

Apple iPhone 7 User Manual Bring The Challenge To A Different Level
Any rumor about iPhone will be valuable information that you want to know. Apple certainly has built an amazing empire of mobile phone around the world. It does not only have stylish exterior design, but also top notch technology and great qualities that affect its durability.

Apple iPhone 7
Although Apple hasn’t released any official news about iPhone 7 and it’s still only rumors going on for this new series, but the news seem to be based on solid facts. Last year, Apple released iPhone 5 which made big news among gadget lovers. iPhone 5 itself gave quite strong challenge to Apple’s competitors. Then, we can only wish for more greatness installed in the upcoming iPhone 7.

Rumor has it that Apple is going to release both iPhone 6 and 7 in 2015. It’s quite unusual as Apply usually only releases one new series for each year. However, the news seems legit. Moreover, it comes with information on new technologies and features that can be installed in the upcoming iPhone series. For those who enjoy grabbing on big screen smartphone, the upcoming iPhone 7 seems to be the best companion. It’s said that Apple iPhone 7 user manual gives guide to control big display smartphone. It will be totally different from what Steve Jobs used to say. Now, big display seems to be the best choice. Of course, big display is not enough as Apple also uses sapphire glass to make the screen scratch resistant. The chasis is also made from liquid metal that’s more durable to aluminium. It makes the upcoming iPhone 7 fits for those with high activities.

Other than large display, iPhone 7 also gets more sophisticated technology. The design still emphasizes on user friendly features, though it also gets some new top notch technologies. It’s believed that Apple will installed high definition camera into iPhone 7. There’s news that this new release smartphone will get camera that matches DSLR camera quality. If the rumor is true, then it will bring huge help for those who love to take pictures on their smartphone. However, there’s still no solid news on the processor used for this smartphone. It’s possible that this smartphone uses quadcore A8 processor. Or else, Apple is preparing something better for this new release. Bigger screen, stronger built, high definition camera, and powerful processor seem to show the greatness of this new smartphone. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for confirmation from Apple regarding these rumors.

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