Acer iconia talk s (a1-724) Review (Video).

Stylish Minimalist Design As Mentioned in Acer Iconia Talk S (A1-724) User Manual
Acer seems to have decided to join the tight competition of tablet market. Indeed, there are several strong names in the market, which should give a strong thought among Acer’s higher tops on the reason of releasing Acer Iconia Talk S (A1-724) user manual that doesn’t seem to give a good competition with other brand’ names. As the competition among gadgets is getting tighter from day to day, especially with the strong rivalry from RedMi, Acer must be extra careful in targeting the right market for its latest tablet.
Acer Iconia Talk S
Comparing to similar smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers, it seems that Acer has given its best design in this tablet. Acer Iconia Talk S (A1-724) user manual will be a good match for those who enjoy the luxury of carrying stylish tablet with them. This tablet comes with 7 inches display. It certainly spoils those who love to have wide display on their gadget. However, at 7 inches display this tablet still feels convenient at the grab of your palms. It gets slim and minimalist design, the best combination for a stylish tablet. The size of camera at the back is reduced, which makes it much smaller than back camera usually installed in tablets. It only uses minimalist stamping. Two speakers are installed on the sides. It looks similar to Motorola design. Making a small difference from the previous Iconia tablets and smartphone, this series gets rounded edges. A slight difference from its predecessors.

Of course, you will need more than just information about the design. This tablet gets Snapdragon quad-core processor that gives high speed performance of this tablet. Although it only gets 5MP camera with limited capability, however Acer inserted IPS¹ technology on the display. It’s combined with Zero Air Gap design that ensures you to obtain the best display on its screen. As you know that touchscreen can easily get dirtied by fingerprints or other things in contact with its screen, Acer uses anti-fingerprint coating on its screen. It protects the screen from fingerprints and smudges that you only leave of its screen. Acer Iconia Talk S (A1-724) user manual also mentions that this tablet is in dual SIM. You can insert both of your SIM cards into this tablet and enjoy the convenient of combining two numbers into one gadget. It covers the disappointment of getting only 5 MP camera on this tablet, although taking pictures from a tablet requires such a talent.

Acer Iconia Talk S User Manual :
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Hopefully Userful to user Acer Iconia Talk S.