Acer Aspire E (E5-771G-51T2) Review (video)

Acer Aspire E (E5-771G-51T2) User Manual Reveals Simplicity of Acer Laptop
Nobody can deny the comfort of working with large screen computer. However, it can bring some inconveniences to always rely on large PC to work daily. There’s a possibility you need to work outside office and it will be impossible to bring your PC with you. The only solution to have your laptop with you. It will help you to work wherever you go. But then, you need to get large screen laptop for your own convenience while working. You can consider getting Acer Aspire E. This new series from Acer offers you with all features that you want from a laptop. With strong built, it fits for those who often travel and bring their work with them.
Acer Aspire E5
Of course, you can find more interesting features installed in this Acer Aspire E. It seems that Acer has taken serious thought on designing this new series. The laptop has 17 inch display. It’s quite different from the trend of small laptop, but it certainly gives more comfort in use. You can spend hours working on your laptop, so why don’t you get something that won’t tire your eyes. Checking on Acer Aspire E (E5-771G-51T2) user manual will give you better understanding on the best features that this laptop owns. If you expect to have strong built laptop with strong solid exterior, then Acer Aspire E will be your best match. This laptop gives solid build quality in simple design. The display design seems to match with the price offered for this gadget. It won’t be a downfall for those with high expectation on this series.

Even though Acer has done such a great job on the design of Acer Aspire E, it doesn’t mean that this laptop doesn’t have any flaws. It still has. Although the exterior design is quite solid and durable, this laptop still isn’t supported with powerful features. It’s basically a simple laptop that can only support minimum capabilities. Inside the body, Acer Aspire E get Intel Core i5-4210U processor. It may not be the most powerful processor for laptop, but it’s sufficient for simple computer works. It also get 8GB of RAM to give you more memory space. The 1080 display certainly makes a great fit for such affordable price. If you want a simple laptop to carry around, Acer Aspire E will make the right choice. The large screen with great display will give you comfort to work in front of the screen for hours. Yet, the price won’t be a burden too.

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