Samsung Galaxy Tab Active review (video).

Sharpest Screen on Tablet
Samsung re-shows the true identity in the dominance of tablet market at IFA 2014. At that event, Samsung vendor displaying the special tablet that has a resistance to water and dust. It is the first innovation that has not been touched the other vendors. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active which was deliberately created to the gadget market that requires both powerful tablet or powerful performance. This tablet will be provided for those of you who need a tablet that has physical hardiness. But there are other advantage of this gadget such as the great screen resolution and big capacity of storage. Well, stay tuned on this review of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active user manual.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active
The design concept of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is designed with a luxurious appearance and classy yet sturdy in its physical form. This tablet is very recommended for you that often work in outdoor environments in extreme conditions. The waterproof and dust ressistance abbility on this tablet is equipped with Active IP67 certificate stating that the tablet can stand the water depths up to 1 meter in 30 minutes. But now we will discuss about the great resolution of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active screen. According to  Samsung Galaxy Tab Active user manual, this gadget has 8.0 inch screen size with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels which is quite large, because the screen type uses Calactive Touchscreen LCD display which can produce 16 million colors.

It also equipped with multitouch and the C-Pen stylish that you can use to draw optimally. But unfortunately, in terms of density is quite low at only ~ 189 ppi pixels density. Indeed, from specs given display is fairly simpe. But it was enough to provide comfort and clarity of the screen for user.

As screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active user manual, the screen of the gadget adopt screen technology od Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) with QHD quality and has a good resolution which is 2560 x 1440 pixels. The screen also features a display with very high contrast ratio, 100.000:1. With this ratio, the resulting image is sharper, more realistic to treat the darker black color and brighter white. May be spelled out, this is a Samsung tablet with the sharpest screen. It suitable for you who like watching full length movies in HD quality, playing games with HD quality, surf the internet, and active in social media.

This is features on Samsung Galaxy Tab Active :
  1. Keeping Water and Dust out.
  2. A Ruggedized Tablet for In-Field Use.
  3. Samsung Knox Enterprise-Grade Security.Flexibility and Productivity.
  4. 3-Pin POGO Charging Connector.
  5. Near Field Communications.
  6. A pen for Easier Input.
  7. 3-Year Coverage.
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