Samsung Galaxy A3 Review (video)

Trendy Metal Clad Samsung Galaxy A3
Always becoming on the news for its lousy plastic body frame, Samsung finally put an end to this badmouthing subject by designing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A3. This new release will likely use metal frame on its body. It will certainly complete the perfection of Samsung smart phone. Rumors were spreading over the past few months and Samsung put an end to the speculations by making official announcement on Halloween night. Giving some Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual and news on the features inserted on the new smart phone. However, metal frame is not the only good thing coming from this Galaxy A3. There are more powerful features that Samsung has prepared for this new release.
Samsung Galaxy A3
If you are modern person with lots of activities on your schedules and you mostly spend your time outdoor, then Galaxy A3 will likely the best companion. With your busy schedule, you certainly need a smart phone with all powerful apps to keeps you connected with all your daily schedules. However, you also expect your smart phone to be tough for some rough environment. Samsung answers all your demands with Galaxy A3. Samsung ensures the new release will have trendy design as it’s aiming younger generation as its target market. It may use all metal frame, but Samsung escalates the challenge on its design department by making Galaxy A3 as its thinnest smart phone up until today. 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera are planted in this smart phone. With such good quality camera, user can enjoy the easiness to take selfie and get good quality pictures with more comfort. Reading the details in Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual will provide more information on the features. As the thinnest and slim Samsung smart phone, Galaxy A3 will have the size of 6.9mm with display size of 4.5” inch.

Underneath the metal frame, Samsung has prepared some powerful processor as this smart phone will be using Android 4.4 KitKat. Galaxy A3 will be using 1.2 GHz processor. It gets 1GB RAM for supporting all the activities on this smart phone. The powerful processor will surely give the best comfort in using the smart phone. Young people living in big cities will make good target market for Galaxy A3. The metal frame gives strong and powerful look on the design. Detail information on Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual will likely have to wait for the release of this new smart phone. With all those great features, Galaxy A3 will make good competition on the market.

Samsung Galaxy A3 User manual coming soon.