Cool Design Exposed In Oppo R5 User Manual
Giving new challenge in smartphone competition, Oppo R5 User Manual gives a design that busy people will love. As your daily activities often keep you busy and your hands are full of things to carry, you want to have a light weight smartphone that won’t add burden to your hands.

Oppo R5 Review (video)

The team at Oppo truly worked hard with the original concept of mobile phone to make it easier to carry around. Of course, you remember the original reason of carrying mobile phone is to stay in touch while you are away from home or office. For this purpose, mobile phone is made small and light, so it will be much easier to slip it in your hand when you are busy.
Oppo R5
Ultra thin design becomes the first thing that you will notice from Oppo R5 as this smartphone comes with only 4.85 mm of thickness. Even though it’s quite thin and slim, it doesn’t reduce the quality and strength of this mobile phone. The casing is made from industrial grade stainless steel with micro-arc used as its frame. It ensures the strength of this slim mobile phone.

For the design, Oppo R5 gets real touch of handscraftmanship that gives luxurious look to this upcoming series. Another feature inserted into this cool design. The materials are carefully chosen to reduce heat from the mobile phone. You certainly aware on heat that you feel from using your mobile phone after a couple of minutes.

Through Oppo R5 User Manual you can tell that the design team for R5 thought carefully for materials that can absorb heat. The team also picked materials that can improve thermal efficiency for improving battery life. It truly helps people who need long battery life for their mobile phone. Moreover, Oppo R5 also has VOOC feature that allows this mobile phone to work up to 2 hours with only 5 minutes charge up!

The 5.2 inches display screen gives the best view. Oppo R5 gives 180° visibility that allows user to get the same view from every angle.Oppo R5 User Manual also mentions about its 13 MP camera. This mobile phone has Pure Image 2.0 that can produce the best pictures. Whether it’s on day broadlight or in dime light, user can take the best photographs using Oppo R5. Through a simple touch, user can easily set focus or turn on music on this cool looking mobile phone.

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