HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) User Manual Gives Best On Taking Selfie
In todays world, all smartphones on the top list inserted selfie feature in its design. Selfie truly takes over the world and influences people to enjoy it. Even the newest smartphone of HTC Desire Eye comes with special design to help people in taking selfie.
HTC Desire Eye 
Equipped with good front camera, it ensures HTC to come up with good photo results. Look on HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) user manual and you will find complete information on great features that this smartphone gets. Of course, there is more than just good front camera required to produce good selfie pictures. So, what are the best features and HTC Desire Eye have?

As this smartphone is designed for taking selfie, the team of designers in HTC inserted the best camera and photo features into this smartphone. HTC Desire Eye gets 13 MP rear camera, but that’s not all. The same camera is used as its front camera. With such high definition camera, it won’t be hard to come up with good result on your selfie photographs.

That’s not the only thing that you can enjoy from HTC Desire Eye’s camera. As mentioned in HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) user manual, users can enjoy the wide angle cameras that will automatically follow every movement that users make. It’s allowed with its motion tracking software, inserted specially for selfie purpose.

Users can easily take selfie as this smartphone is completed with voice activated software. It won’t give trouble to deal with the buttons to take selfie. Whether you are taking photos during the night or day, the result will be the same as the camera can work best all the time. Moreover, HTC Desire Eye also gets LED flashes to produce natural looking result on every selfie photo that you take. The 88° wide-angle lens also helps user in taking selfie with more people as group shot.

This smartphone is supported with quad core processor for powerful performance. In HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) user manual user can find complete information on what are the best features that this smartphone can do. Whether you are using this smartphone for work or play, you can enjoy the best on both ways. The camera gives the best result on video chat technology. HTC Boom Sound has speakers on the front side of the smartphone that gives the best sound quality. All those great features come with stylish design that will please your eyes when looking on this smartphone.

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To can use HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) better, you must download and read user manual in below :
  • HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) user manual English (download).
  • HTC Desire Eye (AT&T) Quick start guide English (download).
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