HP Sprount, Solution for Creative Workstation.

Workstation is not dead yet. Maybe tablet PC is getting more sophisticated and powerful now. But it will never reach the productivity that can be given by PC. This is why the most PC producers start to focus their business to the creative industry and enterprise. For the professional, PC is still effective. 

This is powerful and productive. Considering about it, HP produces the new workstation for the specific market, the creative industry. With HP Sprount, HP offers the best solution for professional.
HP Sprount is an elegant workstation. The modern and the elegant design makes it looks classy. The smooth edge is just beautiful. When you look at the monitor of HP Sprount, it might remind you with Apple workstation. But when you look it more, there is a touch of the HP Pavilion style.

In fact, HP Sprount designed for professional graphic designer or video editor. It can be seen from the specification of this workstation. It powered with Intel Core i7-4790S. The powerful processor for any activity including multimedia, game and the hard graphic work. With NVIDIA GeForce GT 745A, people will enjoy the best graphic performance for sure. From the Hp sprount user manual, it also supported by 8 GB DDR3 of RAM. With all of this, it is easy for this PC to run the hardcore game or to render the detail graphic work.

To support the graphic performance, it also equipped with 23 inches FHD touch enabled LCD. The impressive 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution will make the graphic card works effectively. More than it, it has used LED backlit for energy efficiency.

In the Hp sprount user manual, you will see something interesting. This workstation has been installed with Windows 8.1 64 bit. Maybe it looks unusual. The most people prefer 32 bit too. But 64 bit version gives the better work. It allows this PC to work better. Beside it, it supports the large RAM too. This is what you will never get in the 32 bit version.

For the price, HP Sprount looks expensive enough. The price is about $1,899. But considering about the specification, it looks reasonable enough. Beside it, it is special designed as a creativity station and was designed for professional who need the powerful PC. When you look at the Hp sprount user manual, you will see one more thing. Touchscreen LCD and Windows 8.1 will be a good combination. More than it, it allows the professional to be more productive and get the new user experience.

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